Been dying to get a pair of loafers. This particular pair appeals to my casual sensibility. And in fitting with my love for everything striped, these blue jewels are completely covetable. Can it be that their appeal goes beyond the laid back casual look?  Anachronistic for sure, loafers bring me back to a time when the smoke of tightly rolled cigars wafted through the air, and men called women “doll” and “toots”. They harken back to the era of Humphrey Bogart where decanters of Scotch and Brandy decorated the libraries of the high-brow. I always thought that ole' Humphrey looked a lot like Nixon. You know that deceitful old son of a gun who was our Prez back in the day? I imagine Tricky Dick with some American flag loafers, or perhaps some white freshwater croc skinned loafers, just hanging in the oval office acting all sly. You can get into all the scandals you wish when outfitted with the proper shoes.

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