Liam Stevens

A friend once likened my color preference to a palette of watercolor flowers. Well the washed out jewel-toned illustrations that are a part of Liam Stevens Amazon series fit right in with the colors I gravitate towards. And there is nothing I like more in illustration than imaginative animals. The flora and fauna of these images are catch my eye because of the movement created in their lines. For more of Liam Stevens work click through here.

Life Magazine Archive

Documenting City Dogs, New York City's history with dogs.  The humans are the only clue to what era these photographs hail from. The dogs themselves look like they could be of this day and age. In particular I like the gargantuan Great Dane and his owners, they look on adoringly as he stands amongst them.

I love dogs and I love taking photos of dogs. Layla is an especially photogenic dog, on top of her gleaming coat she's got legs that go on for miles and her soulful stare just begs to be snapped.

Heading to NYC for the weekend. Looking to get some good eats, drinks, sights. A little apprehensive about staying in Times Square, but that's what happens booking last minute the week before Thanksgiving. 

For those who may not frequent the Garden State, there is a small town on the New Jersey Coastline known as "God's Square Mile". Otherwise called Ocean Grove, this town does not permit the sale of alcohol. The town is quite small and there is a section of bungalows, and a sort of tent city. It's a historically Methodist Victorian town, with a history of dogmatic rules that are mostly no longer upheld. In the winter it is fairly quiet and a good place to explore if you're en route to Asbury Park. Not a bad place to bring a camera either.
As a lady you will inevitably be posed the question, from another lady, "If you could only wear one brand/designer for the rest of your life who/what would it be?"  Although I might have to answer with a list of 5 or so, I can assure you that French Connection would make it up there. With a certain je ne sais quoi that reminds me of the Francofile sensibility.

For all that's right in this world the Black Keys have this video.